Set Numeric Lock On in Windows 8

In this article we are going to learn about NumLock that usually disturbs someone while use the keyboard.

Introduction to NumLock

Basically NumLock is an abbreviation of Number Lock. As it's name implies it is used to lock the number keys and performs another task from the those keys. NumLock keys consists of the numeric keys present in the keyboard as well as laptops.


NumLock Mode

NumLock has two modes:

On: If Numlock is ON then the numbers will be sent when you press those keys.

Off: If Numlock is OFF, then it will function like Home, End, Del etc.

This article explains how to keep NumLock on all the time. To do this we need to go to the registry editor in Windows 8.

Use the following procedure.

Step 1

Open the Run command by pressing the Win+R keys and type regedit.exe in the Open box.


Step 2

Navigate to the following path in the left pane of the window.


Step 3

Right-click on the "Keyboard" option and select New->DWORD(32-bit) Value from the sub menu.


Step 4

This will create a new key for keyboard in the right panel like this.

Step 5

Now, right-click on the new key and select modify.


Step 6

In the value data put 2 to permanently turn on NumLock every time when the computer starts. Click OK to save the changes.


Step 7

You need to restart your computer to allow the changes.


Using this article now, you can set the NumLock on always when you start up your Windows 8 PC.

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