C# Corner Kolkata Chapter Web Dev: Official Recap

22 June 2014, Kolkata (India), The C# Corner Kolkata Chapter organized its monthly offline event at Microsoft (I) Pvt. Ltd. The event was primarily focused on Web Development. Though, there were talks about some of the latest and prominent Game Engines. This time, the idea was to aspire App Developers to go with game developments.

Agenda of the Day:

  • Data Structures in JavaScript
  • Game Development with Unity
  • Introduction to Project Anarchy and Intel INDE
  • Implementation of Single Page App (SPA)

The event started with the introduction of C# Corner Kolkata Chapter, as many new faces were present. Then it was Manojit Ghosh, who delivered a session on "Data Structures in JavaScript". Thereafter we moved to "Unity and Project Anarchy", that was lead by Abhishek Nandy and then it was the turn of Sumantro Mukherjee, who presented "Implementation of Single Page App (SPA)" at last.

Special thanks to Nitesh Luharuka (C# Corner Kolkata Chapter Lead), Sumantro Mukherjee, all other speakers and ever so active and excited attendees, without the efforts of whom, such a informative session of technology.


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