How to Create an Issue and Attach a File in That Issue in JIRA in Testing

For creating an Issue in JIRA, you need permission to access the project for which you want to create the Issue. If you do not have this permission you cannot create the Issue.

How to create a new issue

  1. Click on the Create Issue link at the right side of the header. The Create Issue dialog box will open. You can also open the Create Issue dialog box using Keyboard shortcut "c".


  2. Select the project and Issue Type from their respective dropdowns on the Create Issue dialog box.
  3. Enter the desired Summary for that issue and fill in all the appropriate fields (at least all the mandatory fields).
      To access fields which are not shown on this dialog box presently or you want to hide some existing fields:
    1. Click on the Configure Fields button at the top-right side of the dialog box.
    2. Click on the Custom link and check or uncheck the fields you want to show or hide, respectively, or click All to check all the fields. When you will again create the issue, JIRA will remember your last choice of selected fields.
  1. If you want to create another issue (with the same Project and Issue Type), check the Create another check box at the bottom of the dialog box.
  2. Click on the Create button to create the issue. If you check the Create another check box, a new Create Issue dialog box window will appear after the first issue has been created, automatically along with the details filled the same as your previous issue, while leaving the Summary field blank.

How to attach a file to a issue

  1. Click the JIRA issue to which you want to attach a file. The specific Issue will open.
  2. Click on the Attach File button at the top of the page. The Attach Files window will appear.


  3. Click on the Browse button for searching your files.
  4. Enter a comment related to the files you are attaching (if you want to). If you enter a comment, then you can also set the security level for the comment by selecting the appropriate value from the "Viewable by all users" dropdown. By default the security level for the comment is "All Users".


  5. Click on the Attach button. All selected files will be attached to the issue.


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