Telerik RadEditor for SharePoint 2010

Following are some great benefits of Telerik RadEditor control wrapped with SharePoint. Hopes you people enjoys it.

Test Editing

It is not only an html editor, this is the editor most of the big companies are using some of the features of test editing capabilities are listed below.

  •   Out-of-the-box XHTML-enabled Output
  •   Unmatched Loading Speed and Performance
  •   Microsoft Word-like Spell-checking
  •   Seven Ways for Pasting from Word
  •   Multilevel Undo/Redo with Action Trails
  •   Extended Functionality Through Integrated Controls



Enable users to enter and modify text in an interface they are used to. With intuitive toolbox controls

Paste from Word

Pasting and editing content from word is now become much easier. With the ability to paste the content as is, strip out certain Word formatting, or even just plain text, you have full control over what content gets pasted into the Editor.




Client Side API


Modify or interact directly with the Editor on the client thanks to the rich client-side API. Execute any of the built-in, as well as custom, toolbox commands and even interact with the content.

Export Functionality

Allows users to save the content of the editor as a PDF that can be stored on the local machine and distributed as a standalone document.


Spell Check

It is one of the nice features of this control, the built-in spell checker allows for the user to check text for spelling mistakes. With the ability to add suggested words, or even create a custom dictionary, it assures that all the content will be properly spell checked.



Ribbon Feature similar to SharePoint

Provide users with an editor interface they are already used in SharePoint by integrating the Ribbon Bar controls as the toolbar for the editor. Group menu items such as copy and paste into the tabs for an even further customized experience


Localization & Accessibility

Create a custom version of the Editor for any language desired and maintain a high level of accessibility. Allow the user to switch, on-the-fly, to another language and easily create additional localized versions of the Editor, all while being reassured that users with disabilities can access the features.