Keywords In C# With Real Life Example

In this article we will discuss about keywords in C# with real life example,


  • Keyword is a reserved word that has a particular meaning in any programming language.
  • Meaning of keyword is predefined.
  • We cannot use it as identifier.
  • If you want to use keywords as identifiers, you may prefix the keyword with @ character.
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Real life example:

  1. As everyone is travelling in different city by different transports. Let's say I want to travel Pune to Mumbai, then I will choose Train. And for this I would like to make reservation for the same.


    I successful reserved the ticket , but found that on my seat another person is sitting. Then to avoid any confusion, I will call the Ticket checker. The Ticket will be shown to him with a complaint against that person.


  2. Another example, suppose in past there was a British inhabitant or king inhabitant, so the meetings were held at big places. The king used to site on his big gold chair. On that chair no one can sit, except the king himself.

    big palaces


This article will help fresher candidates to understand keywords in C# with real life example.

Hope you enjoyed this one.

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