New Features And Advantages Of Angular 2.0


Advantages of Angular 2.0

  1. Browser Compatibilty: It supports IE 9, 10, 11, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android 4.1 & Microsoft Edge.

  2. Cross platform: Developer can developer applications using Angular JS 2.O & can run on desktop, mobile, Android, iOS, etc.

    Ionic and NativeScript let you build hybrid and native UI mobile apps. NativeScript is an open source JavaScript framework that lets you build native mobile apps from a single code base.
    1. NativeScript:  
    2.     var demo = new UIAlertView();  
    3. demo.message = "Welcome to Angular 2.0!";  
    By using NativeScript we can create same button by writing few lines of code using TypeScript. We can apply style sheet as well.

  3. Speed: It loads through server-side pre-rendering, offline compile for fast startup, and ultrafast change detection and view caching for smooth virtual scrolling and snappy view transitions.

  4. Development: Development by using language is up to the user/developer. It provide full support for CS5, TypeScript, Dart, ES6, other languages that compile to JavaScript.

  5. Dependency Injection & Animation is also possible using CSS & web animation.

New Features in Angular 2.0

  1. $Scope: $Scope is removed from Angular 2.0.

  2. Logging: Logging service is called diary.js.

  3. Development: Logic to develop an application using Angular is made easy so developer can add own steps & remove default one. Asynchronous is allowed to developers to make server request to authenticate for load controller data.

  4. Routing Support: It includes some features as URL resolver, query string support, JSON based route config, 404 route handling, location service, document title updates, etc.

  5. TypeScript: The @ is an annotation and it comes from TypeScript,
    1. @Component(  
    2. {})  
    3. @View(  
    4.        {  
    5.          directives: [],  
    6.          template: `  
    7.          <stack-layout>  
    8.          <button text="My 1st Angular 2.O program"></button>  
    9.          </stack-layout>  
    10.         })  
    Note: You can import component, view, etc.

Summary: Hope so you enjoyed the features & advantages of AngularJS 2.0.

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