Promoted Links App in SharePoint 2013


Promoted Links app is a new feature introduced in SharePoint 2013. They store the links that will be shown as Tiles in the pages. Navigate to the team site; by default, a web part will be added that displays the tiles as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Tiles

These tiles can be customized by creating a Promoted Links list and adding links to that list.

Promoted Links

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint Site.
  2. Click on Site Contents in the quick launch.
  3. Click on add an app.

    Figure 2: Site Contents
  4. Click on Promoted Links app from the available apps.

    Figure 3: Promoted Links app
  5. Enter the Name and click on Ok.

    Figure 4: Create Promoted Links
  6. The Promoted Links app is created successfully.
  7. By default the Tiles view will be as shown in Figure 5.

    Figure 5: Tiles view
  8. Click on "All Promoted Links".
  9. Click on "new item".

    Figure 6: new item
  10. Enter the Title, Background Image Location, Description, Link Location, Launch Behavior and Order.

    Figure 7: Create a new item
  11. Click on "Save".
  12. Click on "Promoted Links" in the quick launch bar, you can find the links in Tiles view.

    Figure 8: Custom tiles

Launch Behavior

The following options are available in the Launch Behavior:

Figure 9: Launch behavior

  1. In page navigation - When you click on the link it will be opened in the same tab.
  2. Dialog - When you click on the link it will be opened as a Dialog as shown in Figure 10

    Figure 10: Dialog launch
  3. New Tab: When you click on the link it will be opened in a new tab.


Thus in this article you have seen about the Promoted Links app in SharePoint 2013.

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