Blend 2015: Create Hello World Program

Now you can make a “Hello World” application in blend through the following steps. Here you go:

Blend for Visual Studio

Firstly, start Microsoft Blend for Visual Studio.

Create new project

Once it is activated, select your new project as in the following screenshot: 

new project

Select Template

Now select the desired template.

  1. Select Universal.
  2. Select Blank App.
  3. Write name of your project, for instance “Hello World”.
  4. Click Ok.

Select Template

Designer Window

The designer window will open next, that white window in image, once you click OK. Perform the following steps:

  1. Drag button from the left pane and drop to DESIGNER WINDOW on top.
  2. Drag TextBlock from the left pane and drop to DESIGNER Window at middle or bottom of screen.

    (Hint: Use right click )

Designer Window

Change properties

Once this is done, click on button and on right hand side, the properties window will open.

  1. Select the sign in circle.
  2. Double click on the click property as shown by arrow.
  3. Another window with the name “Mainpage.xaml.cs ” will open, once you double click the click property.


Code & Save Project

Go to “MainPage.xaml.cs” and write these lines of code, intelligence will help you out.


Run your application

After writing the code, run you application by clicking the “Local Machine” green button.

run you application



Now you can see that every time you click on button, text “helloWorld” appears .You can change “helloWorld” in “MainPage.xaml.cs” with anything and then when you run your application, it will give you the same text value you mentioned.

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