Send SMS Using C# Web Application

Before reading this article, you can visit my previous article:

First of all, the following are the system and other requirements of this project:

  • Visual Studio 2010
  • .Net Framework 4 or +
  • Active Internet Connection
  • Active way2sms account
  • SMS Client DLL (Download From Here)

Please download the source code from this tutorial. I attach it, so in the tutorial, I only show the steps to follow. And if you want to see the source code without downloading it then please visit my article Send SMS Using C#.Net (Windows app).

There is not any difference between this article and the previous article, except many of my friends doubt whether it also works for web applications.

So today I made this one for a web application.

Now we start.

First of all, start Visual Studio and create a new website.

Use the following steps.

Image 1.jpg

Image 2.jpg

Image 3.jpg

Now go to Projects -> Add Reference to add a reference for our project.

(See the figure. )

Image 3.1.jpg

Then select the reference file from your local hard drive.

And click Open.

Image 3.2.jpg

Now do the design like this:

Image 4.jpg

Run your webpage. It will look something like this:

Image 5.jpg

And when you log in:

Image 6.jpg

Thank you for reading this article.

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