Introduction to Knockout.js

Let's try to figure out what knockout.js is as in the following:

  1. Knockout.js is a JavaScript library allowing us to bind HTML elements to a data-model. It provides a two-way communication between data model and HTML element means any changes made in any of them will be reflected to each other.
  2. Knockout.js is also preferred to create Declarative Bindings allowing us to bind DOM/HTML elements with any Data Model. The data-bind attribute of knockoutjs is used for this connectivity.
  3. Dependency Tracking: As I said earlier, knockout.js provides two-way bindings, its easy to update only that portion of the UI rather than rendering an entire portion of the UI. And it is done using the observables attribute of knockout.js.
  4. Knockoutjs also allows us to use the power of a template engine to show a complex data view into a cleaner version of the UI.

Now just above, I tried to make you all understand in a nutshell about Knockoutjs.

Still people have the misunderstanding that Knockoutjs is a replacement for jQuery. So here is the answer of that question.

Knockout.js is not a replacement to jQuery. It doesn't try to provide animation or any generic event handling, However Knockout.js can parse the data received from an AJAX call.

The main purose of Knockout.js is to for designing a scalable and data-driven User Interface.

One more important thing about Knockout.js is that it follows a Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern.

Model: Model is your data.

View: This is the interface part of the application.

Veiw-Model: This represents temporary data and logic on which application is working with. Mostly they are pure JavaScript objects.

I hope you enjoyed the article and tried to understand what knockout.js is.

The next article will start with the basics to advanced implementation of knockout.js.

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