Create Google Chrome Browser Extension


Google Chrome Browser Extension works with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). In JSON many files can be included depending on our requirements, such as HTML, CSS, IMAGES and JavaScript files.

You can also watch YouTube videos on Google Chrome Browser Extensions.

First create a folder and create a file named manifest.json.


Then open this file in any text editor, such as Notepad or Notepad++. Provide the following code:

  1. 1. {  
  2.     2.  
  3.     "manifest_version": 2,  
  4.     3.  
  5.     "name""Youtube Watcher",  
  6.     4.  
  7.     "description""Watch Videos of youtube",  
  8.     5.  
  9.     "version""1.0",  
  10.     6.  
  11.     "browser_action": {  
  12.         7.  
  13.         "default_icon""icon.png",  
  14.         8.  
  15.         "default_popup""popup.html"  
  16.         9.  
  17.     }  
  18.     10.  
  19. }  
Then create one HTML file and name it popup.html and also create one image whose name is Icon.png. Save both of them in the same older as in the following screenshot:


Now open Google Chrome Browser and go to Menu, select “More tools”, then “Extension”.

add Extension

Check the Developer mode.

Check the Developer mode

Click on ”load unpacked extension”.

load unpacked extension

Then go to your folder path that has all the three files.

extension folder

When you select the folder, the automatic result extension will be visible as in the following screenshot:

youtube watcher

So, now you can watch a video from a Chrome extension.


I hope that article will help you in understanding how to develop a Google Chrome extension. You can also make extensions, apps and themes for the browser accordingly.