Configuring the System For Component Services by Setting Administrative Security


In this article we will discuss configuration of the system for Component Services by setting Administrative Security.

In this article we will specify who can administer the changes in the Component Services. We must define at least one user or group to be the Administrator otherwise no one will be able to administer the Component Services.

Before starting this article one important thing should be noted; to make changes in the Component Services, first ensure that the DTC Service is running. If you try to change any setting through the component Services and DTC is stopped then it will get started automatically, but if it doesn't start and the Component Services shows an error message then you need to start it manually through the services available in the Administrative Tools.

Use this procedure to set Administrative Security.

Step 1

First of all go to the "Component Services" available in the Administrative Tools.


Now the Component Services Window will be opened, here double-click on the Computer to open it.


Step 2

Now under the Computer folder "My Computer" will be available; again you need to double-click it to open it.


Now four options will be available under My Computer, from these options you must click on the first option, in other words COM+ Applications. Open this folder.


Step 3

Now among the available options you need to select "System Application" and open it. The System Application Folder is the main part of this entire process since it manages the configuration and deployment of the component services.


Under the System Application you need open the "Roles" folder, under the System Application there might be two options available, in other words Components and Roles; from these you need to open the Roles.


Step 4

Under the Roles there are many types of users available; from these you need to select the "Administrator" and then open it.


Under Administrator a folder named "User" will be available, right-click on it to add a New User.


Step 5

Now select a user and the Group Window will be opened, here you need to click on the "Advanced" button.


On the next page click on the "Find now" Button.


Now users will be available at the bottom of the page, click on the user that you want to select under the Administrator and then click on the "Ok" Button.


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