Partial View in ASP.Net MVC


This article explains Partial Views in ASP.NET MVC.

In my previous article I explained how to use a WebGrid to show content in grid format using ASP.NET MVC.

This article will use the details of my previous article so you can click on the link provided above to have a look at the previous one.

Partial Views help us to reuse our view that was previously used in an Application. It's extension is "cshtml".

Step 1

First of all right-click or open your Views Folder and in the folder right-click on the Shared Folder and add a new view to it.

partial View1.jpg

Now in the View Name I provided "_Student" here "_" shows that it is reusable. Check the option for the "Create Strongly-Typed View" and choose the Model class for it. After that check the option for the "Create as Partial View".

partial View2.jpg

Step 2

Through the Partial View I will display the Selected Item in the Text Box Format. In the previous article I displayed the items in grid and HTML format.

Now go to the "_Student.cshtml" page and add this code there:

@model WebGridSampleApplication.Models.Student



    Layout = null;



<!DOCTYPE html>



    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" />





           <label>Roll No:</label>

            @Html.TextBox("RollNo", Model.RollNo)


            @Html.TextBox("Name", Model.Name)


            @Html.TextBox("Description", Model.Branch)

             <label>Fee Remaining:</label>

            @Html.TextBox("FeeRemaining", Model.FeeRemaining)





This will show the selected Items Value in the TextBoxes.

Step 3

Now go to the View Page of the previous application that you will find in the Views Folder named "WebGridSample.cshtml" and add the reference for the Partial View page.

            @if (gd.HasSelection)


    Student =(WebGridSampleApplication.Models.Student)gd.Rows[gd.SelectedIndex].Value;       

    Html.RenderPartial("~/Views/Shared/_Student.cshtml", Student);          



Debug your application to see the output. First you will get an output like this:

partial View3.jpg


Now, when you click on a Roll No then you will see that the details of the student is shown in the TextBoxes.

partial View4.jpg

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