Access Web Link of Your Windows Store App


This article explains how to access a web link of a Windows Store App (Metro App?).

A Web link of a Windows app helps you to promote your applications on social media (Facebook, Twitter and so on) as well as on various websites and blogs.

Moreover you can promote your app in multiple forums by writing a spicy article about your app that should be comprised of:

  • Application Description
  • Features
  • Screen Shots
  • Download Link
  • So let's start

Step 1: Sign in to your Windows Store Dashboard and go to the App in Store Section.

Step 2: Click the Details link on the app tile under the Apps in the Store section.

Step 3: It will navigate you to the app details section. Scroll down and at the bottom of the page you will see a web link of your app as shown below.

Now use this link address for your app promotion to various websites and Social Media.

Happy Coding :)