First Look of New Windows Azure

I must say, I like this new HTML5 based Windows Azure Portal. Once you login into the Windows Azure Portal you will see "Visit the Preview Portal" at the bottom.


You will be prompted to take a tour of the new portal:


You will be getting a dashboard as follows:


You will see details of all the Hosted Services, Storage Accounts and SQL Azure databases there. Details like:

  1. Type
  2. Status
  3. Subscription
  4. Location

Is shown on the home page as in the following:


There are four tabs in the left side. By default the "All Items" tab is selected. The other tabs are as follows:


If you want to get more details about a Hosted Service then select the Cloud Services tab and you will be getting much greater details as in the following:


In the same manner, if you want more details of a SQL Azure database then select the SQL DATABASES tab from the left. You will be getting the SQL Azure database details as follows:


If you want greater details of Storage then you can get that by selecting the Storage tab. You will get details as in the following:


You can create the following items by clicking the new button in the bottom:


Items can be created as in the following:

  1. New Hosted Service
  2. New Storage
  3. New SQL Database
  4. New Web Site
  5. New Virtual Machine
  6. New Network


There are some features that might be disabled in your subscription. You will get the following message when you select that feature. In my subscription Web Site, Virtual Machine and Network is not available and I get the following message when I select them. At any time we can sign up for the Preview Program.


While creating you will have the two options QUICK CREATE and CUSTOM CREATE. Quick Create will create a cloud service by just specifying an URL. Content deployment and configuration can be done later.


Custom Create will create a cloud service by providing the URL and optionally providing content employment and configuration.


You can manage keys and delete a service from the option given in the bottom of the page.


In the bottom you have an option to get Help as well.


Upon clicking HELP you will be getting various details and various operations.


In a further blog article I will give more details of other features. Until then enjoy the new Azure Portal.