Ignore Test in Unit Testing Using NUnit: Part 3

This article is the third in the series about Unit Testing using NUnit. Read the first two parts of this series below:

How to do Unit Test using NUnit : Part 1

Test SetUp and TearDown in Unit Testing using NUnit : Part 2

You may come across a scenario when the test itself is broken. While executing a test you need to ignore certain broken kinds of tests. Thankfully NUnit provides a very simple solution to ignore a test. By using the ignore attribute you can ignore a test.


You can ignore a unit test as in the following:


Let us return to the unit test we wrote in the previous part of this series and modify the test as in the following:


        [Ignore("Ignore this test it is broken")]

        public void IsValidProductPrice()



            p.ProductPrice = 100;

            if (p.ProductPrice > 0)


                result = true;



            Assert.IsTrue(result, "Product Price is valid");



On execution of the test you will find that Test Runner has ignored this test. Test runner will skip the test attributed with ignore.


In this article we learned how easily a test can be ignored in NUnit. I hope you find this article useful. Thanks for reading.


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