PRAYAN - C# Corner Initiative to Empower Youth


According to Jean Rostand - "Think? Why think! We have computers to do that for us"
As the above quote suggests we don't think because computers are there to think on our behalf.
We are all aware of the fact that now a day's computer is the most vital part of our life and in order to succeed in a career, one should know to use it to good effect.
Now for that most of the people in the cities, towns and even some villages has the option. But what about those who doesn't have adequate Resources to learn this integral part of the curriculum.
Also the focus is on those who even don't know about the thing called COMPUTER.
In year 2000, Mahesh Chand founded C# Corner and Mindcracker Network, an online social community for IT Developers and Professionals to exchange their knowledge and experience by teaching and learning from one another by using various interactive online methods such as contributing articles, discussion forums, blogs, and videos. Today, C# Corner reaches almost 3 million visitors each month. 

C# Corner moved one step forward with the launch of C# Corner Chapters earlier this year. C# Corner chapters are offline user group meetings and events. Today, C# Corner chapters are being organized in 12 cities with over 1200 members. It is continuously benefiting the users and participants big time with totally free of cost In-Person events. The C# Corner Chapters have become a platform for its users and attendees to directly interact with the veterans from the industry that is extremely helpful for the them in the long run.
Now C# Corner takes another step, it's time for the empowerment of village youths. Vision of C# Corner founder, Mahesh Chand and Delhi Chapter Lead, Dhananjay Kumar to empower people without resources is going to become reality on 19th October 2013
C# Corner in its initiative "PRAYAN" focuses on such school students from villages who are about to launch their career but doesn't have any guide or resource to move forward. On 19 October, 2013 C# Corner takes its first step by interacting with students from Bathain khurd (Kosi Kalan) near Mathura  in a small school in its initiative towards empowering village youths.
The focus will be primarily on letting them and their guardians know about their future career prospective.
The objective is to help the village youths by becoming a guide in their career and enhance their skills with self confidence thus becoming an instrumental factor in their path of their success.
A team of C# Corner Delhi Chapter, headed by Dhananjay Kumar (chapter lead), Praveen Kumar (Editorial Director and Project Manager), Dinesh Beniwal (VP Content Development), Manish Tewatia (Sr. Software Engineer), Rohtash Kumar (Software Developer) and Amalendu Dey (Brand and Business Development Manager) will be with the school students and their guardians at their school for the entire day sharing them with valuable career advices and knowledge.
C# Corner cherishes this opportunity and hope to continue more such endeavors in future.