Step by Step Creating Virtual Machine in Windows Azure

In this article we will walk through step-by-step to create a Virtual Machine in Windows Azure. To start with, the very first to do is you need to login to Windows Azure Management Portal here and then click on Virtual Machines option in the left panel.


If you do not have any virtual machines created then you will get the following message (you need to click on "CREATE A VIRTUAL MACHINE"):


After clicking that, you will get the following options:


In this tutorial let us try the Quick Create option. On selecting this option,

first you need to provide the "DNS NAME" of the virtual machine. It should be unique. You will get a checkmark when the DNS name is valid, as in:


Next you need to choose the Image for the Virtual Machine. Choose whatever image you require. You will get a virtual machine mounted with the image you chose from the dropdown.


Next you need to provide a password to access the Virtual Machine. Choose the size of the machine and datacenter. After providing all this information, click on "Create Virtual Machine" to create the virtual machine.


In the bottom of the page you will see information and status on creating the virtual machine.


Once the Virtual Machine has been created successfully, you will see the details as follows:


In this way you can create a Virtual Machine in Windows Azure. I hope you find this article useful. Thanks for reading.

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