Client Server Multithreading Application in VB.NET

This is simple Client/Server (multi-threading) program that transfers data. Server can handle multiple clients.

I have used VS.NET to implement this program.

Double click on ClientServer.Zip and extract all the files and folders to a folder in C drive.

Run the project using VS.NET:

Double click on Client.sln (Project file) and Server.sln (Project file). Then run the project (press F5).

Run using command-line prompt:

Copy Server (Form1.vb) files in to a folder (Server) in C drive. Then copy Client (From1.vb LoginInfo.vb) into another folder (Client) in C drive and compile it using.

C:\FolderName> vbc. *.vb.

This will create a Form1.exe file inside the folder. You have to compile files in both folders separately. Then run the Server and Client by double clicking on each Form.exe file.



Make sure that you enter the correct IP address of your computer. To find out the IP address of your computer type "c:\>ipconfig" and press enter. Port number is 8002. This will display the IP address of your computer. Enter that value in the Form1.vb.

private string ipAddress = "Your IP Address";

For example:

private string ipAddress = "";