Types of computer applications

Most of the beginners confused about types of Computer Applications and It is not easy to divide computer applications into any exact categories. At present there is no clear definition available to categorize computer applications. Even though here is a small list of different types of computer applications.

1. Embedded Systems

2. Windows applications (also called 'Desktop applications')

3. Web Applications

4. Web Services

5. Console applications

Embedded Systems:
When we save a name, address and other information in to our Mobile Phone or Digital Diary, You know How it gets saved in it? Nothing but which is a small computer program 'Embedded' into a chip in the device inside the mobile phone or digital diary known as Embedded Systems.

Windows applications:
Windows Applications is a form based standard Windows, Microsoft word; Paint is example to the Windows application, and
also called 'Desktop applications'.

Web Applications:
A web site is also called 'web Applications'. A web applications is a collection of web pages hosted on a special computer called 'web server'. Web server can be located anywhere and visitors can be located anywhere .It will work through Browsers (EG. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape).

Web Services:
Web services are web applications that give services to other applications through the internet, example Google search engine, Yahoo Search engine etc. which allows other applications to delegate the task of searching over the internet.

Console Applications:

Console applications runs inside the command prompt i.e. DOS window, It is a light weight program and which is used commonly for test applications.