Using Report Service and Server Business Intelligence Development

RDL files are created by the SQL Server 2005 version of Report Designer. 

RDLC files are created by the Visual Studio 2005 version of Report Designer. 

RDL and RDLC are defined by an XML schema called the Report Definition Language

The C stands for Client-side processing. RDL stands for Report Definition Language.

Limitations of ReportViewer control:

Unlike the Report Server the ReportViewer control does not connect to databases or execute queries. Also, in local mode the only export formats available are Excel and PDF. (In remote mode all formats supported by the Report Server are available.) The ReportViewer control cannot be extended by adding custom renderers or custom report items.

Steps for using report service and Server Business Intelligence Development

Configure SQL Reporting Service with Reporting Service Configuration Manager

Steps for creating report definition file (rdl)

SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio from 

Start >> Programs >> Microsoft SQL Server 2005 >> SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio 

File >> New >> Project

Select "Report Server Project"


From Solution Explorer right click on the project and select "add new Item" 

Select "Report" from "add new item" dialogue box (name it report1.rds)


Now using same "add new item" dialogue box, add new "Data Source" (Name it datasourse1.rds)

Now in the Data tab, select "NewDataset…" and "Dataset" dialogue will be open.

Select "datasource1" as data source that we have just created.

In the "command type " dropdown, select "Text" if you want to right query directly(In the "Query string" text area) or select "Stored Procedure" and provide name of the SP in the "Query string" text area.

If you have SP with parameter then you can add report parameter from Report Menu and link it to the SP parameter from Dataset dialogue>parameter tab

Now from left side toolbox, from "Reports Item", drag table and drop it to layout mode of report1.

A 3X3 table will be created where first row for header, second row for field, 3rd row for footer.

From the dataset pane left side of VS2008, from dataset1, drag field (for example firstname) and drop it to 2nd row of first column, so header name will automatically becomes same as the column name. Likewise drag and drop fields you want. Also you can create new columns if you have more than 3 fields by right clicking on the table and selecting "add new column". Same way you can remove the column. 

In the preview tab you can see the report preview.

Now you can use this report1.rdl to work with winform.

You can add this in your winform project and using report viewer we can open this report in the form.

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