Offline Maps In Windows 10 - Part Two

Microsoft provides an amazing features for Windows users, known as Offline Maps, available in Windows 10.

The entire map feature will be loaded and can be accessed offline anytime and anywhere without an internet connection. In this article, let’s see the resource or source of this map. But, before that, please check the previous part of the article series:
Let's start from the scratch again:

Step 1: Go to Settings tab in Windows 10.

Step 2: Under Settings tab, go to System icon.

Step 3: Under Settings, go to  System, then Offline Maps. You can see the following window. I am trying to download the Offline maps for my machine.

Step 4: Keen to see a hyperlink "Data suppliers".

Step 5: It takes me to the URL.

This webpage provides the data suppliers for the maps which is taken as offline files in Windows 10.

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