Adding Chart Control to SSRS Reports

SSRS Reports

In this article, I will discuss how to add chart controls to reports defined in SSRS. To work with this, I will use a sample report which I showcased in my article Basics of SSRS.

Below is the step by step process to work on this sample

  • Generate & Define SSRS report
  • Add Chart Control to report
  • Set Datasource to Chart Control
  • Define Fields to be used by Chart Control

Generate & Define SSRS report

  1. Once you generate & define your report, the report will look similar to shown below. Here I have generated reported based on my article "Basics of SSRS"

Design View:







Add Chart Control to report

  1. To add chart control click on Design tab

  2. Now go to menu items select View, select Report data


    3Select toolbox from "Report Data" as shown below 



   4Now from Report Items, double click "Chart", which will show list of charts available. From this list let's select first chart control & click ok button.




   5. Now chart control will be added to the report. So now lets align it properly to the right:




Set Datasource to Chart Control

  1. To set datasource right click chart control, Select Chart, Select Chart Properties as shown below:



  1. Now this show up a window as shown below. So let select / change values accordingly. The datasource that I have selected is DataSet1, as this the same source used by report (see in ReportData).




  1. After setting the values click ok button


Define Fields to be used by Chart Control

  1. To set fields to the chart control. Move mouse pointer to "Drop data fields here", "Drop series fields here" & "Drop category fields here" section.




  1. When you move mouse pointer to above mentioned sections, a small image is shown in right corner of sections (see Drop data fields here). Click the image which will show up the fields specific to Dataset which you have assigned in one of our above steps:


3In my case I have added field in "Drop data fields" & "Drop Series fields". After adding fields, save it & go to "Preview" tab which should show up
data similar to below     



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Happy coding....Hope this helps!

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