Seven Must-Have Magento Plugins For Your E-Commerce Website

Magento is one of the most famous e-commerce web application development platforms that has, till now, helped thousands of firms in earning good revenue and enhancing the reputation of their business in global marketplaces. In order to enhance the user experience, it would be good for you to add few plugins or extensions that help in extending the functionality of the portal, guarantee future proof business with high returns, and optimized profits.

The immense popularity of Magento has lead to extensive Magento extension development because of which you can easily find plenty of Magento plugins, available over the web. But, you should choose the best ones. In addtion to that, you can also take help of the Magento Module Creator and easily create your own modules without writing any code.

To make this plugin selection task easier for you, given below is the list of seven must-have Magento plugins that you can install on your e-commerce portal to enhance its functionality.

  1. Better Store Search

    Well, this is a paid extension. But for $249, this plugin will provide you with a lot of search control. Almost 70 percent of the shoppers say that store search plays an important role in making the buying decisions. By installing this plugin, you can surely provide your users with an efficient store search tool.

  2. Magento Debug

    We all know that Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform but this power does come with the level of complexity. Magento Debug is a free plugin that can help you overcome all sorts of debugging challenges so that you can provide your users with smooth website to shop on.

  3. MatrixRate

    Managing shipping isn't easy, especially, on a new e-commerce portal. This extension solves the problem of variations in the shipping costs as per the weight, location, quantity and several other variables, by creating different tables that will be displaying the shipping cost you want to charge according to the product.

  4. Vnecoms Marketplace Extensions

    This plugin allows the sellers to have a separate panel where they can easily manage their sales, products, invoices, and shipments. Magento offers complete customization of the store front and allows the sellers to manage their store from any device that has a responsive panel.

  5. Apptha Marketplace

    It is another popular Mangento extension that allows the sellers to set different commission rates for different vendors. Moreover, you can also view live sales, approve seller requests, keep a count on total number of products sold, and can easily add labels to new products.

  6. FishPig's WordPress Integration

    We all are aware of the fact that WordPress is one of the best open source blogging and article management systems available in the market. This extension seamlessly integrates WordPress into Magento and allows you to manage the entire content of your portal.

  7. AvaTax

    This extension is developed by Avalara, the leading provider of tax collection management software in US. Well, you can integrate this extension in Magento and can easily manage your sales tax process. Although this extension is free, but it does require Avalara's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solution.

That's it. By using these seven plugins, you can leverage the maximum benefits from your Magento eCommerce portal.

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