Add Members To Azure Subscription

The only requirement is a Microsoft account. The using account can add other members of the organization or the project partner in same Azure subscription.


  • Microsoft Azure Subscription (MSDN subscribers or sign up for one month free trial)
  • Microsoft Account (Email Id) of the members

You will learn:

  • How to add the members, using Azure Classic Portal
  • How to add the members, using Azure Portal

Using Azure Classic Portal

There are three types of roles available: Service Admin, Co-Admin & Billing Admin.

Step 1: Navigate to Azure Management Portal or Azure Classic Portal & sign in with Azure credentials.

Step 2: Choose “Settings” from the left side panel & select “Administrators” tab. To add member, click “Add” option.


Step 3: Enter member’s Microsoft Email Id & select Azure subscription.
Step 4: For member login, open Azure Management Portal or Azure Classic Portal in the different Browser or in private browsing. Enter member's Email Id & password.


Step 5: Azure Subscription is available for the member.


Step 6: To remove the member, navigate to Admin Azure account. Select Email Id & click “Remove” option.



Using Azure Portal

Role based Access Control feature is available in Azure Portal. Different types of roles are available like Owner, Contributor, Reader etc. Separate Azure feature roles are available to access only one or more services to the particular user.

Step 1: Navigate to Azure Portal & Sign in with Azure Credentials.

Step 2: Click “Subscriptions” -> choose subscription -> All Settings


Step 3: New blade will open and select Users option.

To see all roles, click “Roles” option.


Step 4: To add new members, click “Add” option.

Select a Role -> Owner, Contributor, Reader etc. Ex. Reader.


Step 5: Select “Add users” options & click “Invite” option. Enter Microsoft Account Email Id.

Add users
Add users

Add users

Add users

Step 6: Open Azure Portal in the different Browsers or in private browsing.

private browsing

Step 7: To Remove the member - navigate to Admin Azure account and select Remove option.

Remove member

Congratulations, you have learned how to add and remove the members to an Azure Subscription on Microsoft Azure!