Adding A DataDisk To Our Virtual Machine

In this article, I am going to demonstrate how to add a data disk into our Virtual Machine.The main reason for adding a drive to our VM can also reduce the cost of the VM without having the high configuration.
  • An Azure Subscription
Follow the steps to attach a managed disk to your VM.
Step 1
Sign in to the Azure Portal.
Step 2

Click the VM template in the dashboard, and it opens the properties of our VM. Press Stop to stop the VM.


Step 3

On the VM blade, choose Disks and in the Disks blade, click +Add Data Disks.


In the drop-down list for our new disk, choose to create an empty disk. Also, change the Host Caching into Read/Write.


Then, it opens the "Create managed disk" blade. Enter the name of your disk and configure the settings as per your wish and enter the volume for the drive you want in the Size field. The source should be empty, and press Create.


On the Disks blade, it shows our disk and saves the disk.


Wait for some moment. Our VM settings are changed, now start the VM.

Follow the below steps to initialize the New data disk.
Step 4

Connect your VM to the Local Machine.
Step 5

For Server Machine, in the search bar, type "Server Manager" and press Enter to open it. In the File and Storage Explorer, under the disks, our disk is attached and not initialized until we create the partition. Right-click on your disk and choose "New Volume" to create a volume. 


Then, accept the various Windows conditions and configuring settings to create the New Volume Wizard. Finally, it shows the message that our disk is attached to the VM.

Step 6

Open the File Explorer. Here, our VM consists of the disk that we created for the additional storage capacity.



I hope you understood how to add a managed data disk to our VM and also add an existing Disk to our VM.

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