Amazing Modern SharePoint Admin Center To Try Right Now

Microsoft has talked about the new SharePoint Admin Center during the MS Ignite sessions. As they said, now the new Admin Center for SharePoint is available for First Release users.

Here, I’ll show you how to navigate between the new modern look and the classic look experience. When we navigate to SharePoint Admin Center, it’ll show the classic experience by default. To navigate to the new look, follow the below steps.

Step 1

Open Office 365 Admin Center from here:

Step 2

Expand "Admin Centers" from the left navigation.

Step 3

Click "SharePoint" to open SharePoint Admin Center.

Modern Admin Link

Step 4

Click "Try the new SharePoint admin center" link at the top right. Now, you are in the new modern SharePoint admin center.


Navigate back to the classic SharePoint admin center

Step 1

Open the new modern SharePoint Admin Center.

Classic Admin Link

Step 2

Click "Go to the classic SharePoint admin center" at the bottom left corner to navigate to the old look. You can also navigate between the two admin centers using the below URLs -

Classic Admin Center


Modern Admin Center


New Features

  1. Responsive UI
  2. Files by activity type – Home page shows the Graphical representation of File Activities
  3. Total and active sites – Home page shows the Graphical representation of Site Usage
  4. Service Health – Shows the details on Service Health
  5. Message Center – shows the latest five updates from message center
  6. Create and view Modern site collections from Site Management
  7. Alter the Site Collections view in Site Management by sorting and modifying the views
  8. Enable us to create modern site collections
  9. Link to OneDrive admin center
  10. Notification settings available to control the device notifications
  11. Single place to control the Lists & Libraries new or classic experience
  12. Now, Recycle bin is available to revert the deleted items across SharePoint tenant

Noticed issues

  • Responsiveness is not applied on the left navigation
  • Sometimes, Files by activity type, and Total, and active sites are not returning the charts; instead, it displays “The data is not available right now”.
  • There are a lot of settings missing in the modern admin center but we may expect to have additional settings in coming days.

This is the initial start for bringing the modern look to SharePoint admin center in office 365. And, the company indicates that we have to wait for some more time to have a lot of admin capabilities to this new modern world.

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