Analyze Data With Microsoft SandDance

  1. Sanddance is a microsoft web-based application that makes analyzing our data easier
  2. It is very helpful in decision making i.e it making thing very easy to understand.
Features of SandDance
  • It has dynamic and customizeable interface.
  • It allows working more than one person at same data set. 
  • It makes it very easy to analyze data..
Now go online and work with SandDance,           
Just click on link,
First we have to select dataset (shown in picture)
We can also select own data set but now we select data set from sample..
In SandDance we view our data set in different forms (show in picture below),
Grid view 
Scatter view
Density view
Stacks view
Squarify view
Column view (in this view we used some other feature)
X: ( selection of column on x-axis)
Select data on x axis on behalf of gender. Bins: represents number of column. Our data set is look like as show in picture below,
We can also select record out of total record,
Here, we select 1325 record out of 10506 record..
In SandDance we can also color our data set  to make easy analysis (shown in picture),
Here we colored our data set according to Gender... coloring makes analyzing data easier.