Benefits Of Creating Progressive Web Apps


Progressive Web App (PWA) is a concept of creating a Web site in such a manner that it will behave like an application. Progressive Web Apps are created to fill the gap between mobile Applications and the Website.

In this article, we will see why one should create Progressive Web App and what are the benefits one will get by creating Progressive Web Apps.

Key benefits

No app store submission requirements

It is quite tedious and time consuming to publish an app on all app stores like Google Play, Windows Phone, Apple App store. It requires approval for publishing and putting up the latest updates.

Unlike native apps, Progressive Web Apps doesn’t require any approval. Even new update will automatically be downloaded when the user will open the Progressive App.

App-like feel

Progressive Web Apps are designed and programmed in such a way that they look like a mobile Application. They are responsive in design, so at the same time; they also serve all the benefits of the Website.

Progressive Web App is accessible, using URL, so they are indexable by search engines. “This will help applications to appear on the  first page of Google”. This is what all the developers or organizations want.


Unlike native Applications, the user doesn’t need to download and install an Application from the Play Store, which is time consuming. When the user will open the Website in the Browser, they will be prompted to install the Application on their device automatically.

Progressive Web App will be installed on the device after user’s permission to do so. With separate icon for each device, an Application will be installed on the home screen of the device.


Web sites show the limit at the time of an internet connectivity. Without an internet, the Websites are not accessible. On other hand, the Applications are made to serve even in an Offline mode with self-provided data with the help of which it increases the engagement with the user.

Progressive Web Apps save information the user has already gone through. In case of no internet Application, it will be accessible with the saved data. If the page is not already visited by the user; it is possible to display custom page in place of an internet connectivity error.

To serve this offline functionality, Service worker is used, which handles the request and response by the user.

E-Commerce sites are the best example to develop Progressive Web Apps, where even without connectivity a product catalog can be displayed.


Progressive Web App serves the required data from the cache storage, which is maintained by Service worker. In Service worker, the developer can manage files to be cached, so at the time of loading the page; it will be directly served from the Service worker. Service worker works in the background, so it also does not affect the performance for the first visit.


Progressive Web Apps are served over https://, so they are secure in terms of snooping and content tempering.

The developer can run Progressive Web Applications over localhost


AliExpress and Flipkart are the best examples of Progressive Web Apps.

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