C# Corner Chandigarh DevCon16: Official Recap

CHANDIGARH (India), August 13, 2016 - C# Corner organized its Developers Conference in Chandigarh, for the first time, on August 13, 2016, at Hotel Park View. It was a one day event where seven celebrated international speakers hosted their sessions and discussed the cutting-edge technologies of a new era.

Here are the highlights:

The attendees started gathering at 8 AM. After the registration, the conference started with a Welcome Session, hosted by Nitin Pandit, a Microsoft MVP and master of various Microsoft technologies including jQuery and AngualrJS.

Nitin welcomed the attendees as well as the speakers and briefed everyone on the agenda of the conference. The welcome note was followed by Nitin’s session on “AngualrJS in 60 minutes”. Nitin started with the very basics of AngularJS and took it to the advanced level.


The next session on “Mobile App Development with MS TACO” was hosted by Allen O’Neill. Allen is a chartered engineer, a Fellow of the British Computing Society, a Microsoft Insider, and a C# Corner MVP. He owned the stage and the crowd so effectively that even after his session, people went on bringing him a lot of queries. Well, he had to take a small Q&A span where he managed to address all the questions of the attendee developers.

Allen O’Neill

From there, Magnus Martensson, Microsoft Azure MVP and the CEO of Loftysoft, took it forward. He talked about “Current Azure Development Frontier” and brought out all the aspects of Azure Frontier with deep understanding of what is what. He shared the limitations of Azure development also, with the audience.

Magnus Martensson

After his magnificent session, Prabhjot Singh, a mentor, entrepreneur, and lead of various start-ups and Azure Communities delivered a power-packed session on the hottest topic “Internet of Your Things - With Azure”. Since IoT is capturing almost every field of the technology with great inventions, there was a lot to show on it. So, Romil Bheda, one of the key personalities of C# Corner conferences, assisted Prabhjot onstage to provide thorough knowledge of Azure with IoT.

Prabhjot Singh,

As time went on, the hall was crowded with the audiences and the stage was heated up with a lot of discussion about many developments for robust applications. It was definitely the time for a break. Well, we were ready for that with a delicious lunch for all of our attendees, the audience, and the speakers.


After lunch, the conference started with a fully informative session of Sumit Jolly, Software Architect and Microsoft as well as C# Corner MVP, on “TDD with JavaScript” For a novice JavaScript scholar, it was a gem. The very basics of JavaScript TDD were discussed here along with tips on TDD with JavaScript.

Sumit Jolly

Sumit’s session was followed by another hot session on AngularJS, “Building Native Mobile Apps with Angular 2”, taken by Abhishek Kant, the Country Manager (India) at Telerik and an experienced Technocrat. Abhishek shared the best tips and tricks of developing native mobile applications using Angular2.

 Abhishek Kant

That environment was filled with a lot of Tech after these two bac- to-back awesome sessions. So, to lighten up the mood of the conference, we took a tea break. Well, tea break was a fabulous time for the developers to connect with other technology experts and network themselves.

After the tea break, Vishal Kaushik, one of the key speakers at C# Corner events, C# Corner MVP and Microsoft MVP, owned the stage with his powerful delivery on the topic “Getting started with Angular 2.0”. Here, he described the very basic to advanced elements of Angular 2.

Vishal Kaushik

And now, the conference arrived at its end. Only the last session was left,  held again by Allen O’Neill , on “The Sherlock Holmes art of web scraping bots”. In this descriptive session, Allen unveiled the secrets of web scraping bots with his deep-down knowledge on this topic.

Allen O’Neill

The conference ended with a Thank You note by Allen. C# Corner thanked all the attendees and the speakers. The speakers were then honored with trophies to celebrate their efforts and knowledge in making this event a huge success.

conference end

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