C# Corner Chandigarh DevCon17: Official Recap

CHANDIGARH (India), October 31, 2017
On October 27, 2017, we organized our second developers' conference, National Developers Conference in association with Chandigarh University at the university campus. Just like the last year’s event, this conference was also a one-day affair where eight of our technology speakers participated in hands-on learning sessions and taught the attendees various future-oriented modern technologies.
Well, the event has been quite memorable because of the wonderful management and unprecedented support offered by the Chandigarh University.
Here are the highlights of the event:
The guests had started arriving at 9:00. By the scheduled time of commencement of the conference, i.e., 9:30 am, the auditorium of Academic Block -9 was packed with attendees. The C# corner team reached there on time and received a very warm welcome by the faculty of Chandigarh University.
After all the people settled in the hall, Honourable Dr. R.S. Bawa, Vice Chancellor, Chandigarh University, got on the stage for the opening ceremony. The ceremony began in traditional Indian way by lighting the oil lamps. All the speakers were invited onstage to light the lamps; a perfect symbol of darkness being killed by the bearers of the light.
Dr. Bawa addressed all the attendees and welcomed the C# Corner team by handing each speaker a memento of appreciation.
We were overwhelmed with the heartfelt welcome by the University and to express our gratitude, Mr. Dinesh Beniwal, VP content at C# Corner, presented a token of honor to Dr. Bawa.
Meanwhile, Mr. Beniwal made a surprise announcement of C# Corner inaugurating new Student Chapter at Chandigarh, during the event. The announcement sparked a huge round of applause from the attendees.
Now, it was the time to move on to the Keynote session. So, Naveen Sharma from C# Corner held the stage with a welcome and keynote session. Naveen briefed the agenda of the conference and introduced each of the speakers. With his quirky quotes and tiny jokes, Naveen did build a cool atmosphere.
After Keynote, the first learning session started with the introduction of future devices by Nitin Pandit. Nitin talked about various smart AI-powered and Mixed Reality devices, such as Google Glasses, Microsoft’s HoloLens, Amazon’s Alexa etc. He demonstrated the HoloLens to attendees during this informative session.
Now, the conference was split into two parallel tracks – “Web & Mobile” and “Cloud & IoT”. The Web & Mobile track was started with a session on “Modern Web Development with Angular” again by Nitin Pandit while the Cloud & IoT track got Pankaj Bajaj. Pankaj unveiled the secrets of Machine Learning and taught the students how to get started with it. Both of them left the audience spell-bound with their wonderful knowledge on the matter and a superb slideshow.
By the time both the sessions end, it was lunch time and all the attendees were served a delicious lunch, thanks to Chandigarh University.
Post-lunch, Naveen Sharma and Sachin Kalla took on the stages of both the tracks respectively.
Naveen delivered his extremely knowledgeable session on getting started with Cloud Computing and Sachin imparted his knowledge on building smart chat bots using BOT Framework. We could see from their faces that the audience was learning a lot from our brilliant speakers.
The conference was on full heat when Mani Jee and Vivek Raj hold the stage for sharing their expertise on Kotlin and game development using Unity3D respectively. Mani taught the students how to start building Android application using the awesome Kotlin language while in the parallel track, Vivek talked about developing modern games with amazing tools like Unity 3D.
The last parallel sessions were taken by Anil Kumar and Sourabh Somani. In “Web & Mobile” track, attendees learned how to get started with Microsoft’s Azure cloud service and build useful real-world applications. On the other hand, in “Cloud & IoT” track, Sourabh Somani presented the basics of IoT (Internet of Things) in a very interactive session.
The conference ended with a Thank You Note and a closing ceremony by Dr. B.S. Sohi, Hon’ble Pro-Vice Chancellor, Chandigarh University and Dr. S. S. Sehgal, Director Engineering.
C# Corner thanked all the attendees, speakers, and college faculty for the successful completion of this tremendous event. The one-day affair of C# Corner National Developers Conference ended with a group photograph session.

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