Client Server Multithreaded Application

This is simple Client/Server (multi-threading) program that transfers data. Server can handle multiple clients.

I have used VS.NET to implement this program. Double click on ClientServer.Zip and extract all the files and folders to a folder in C drive.

Run the project using VS.NET:

Double click on Client.sln (Project file) and Server.sln (Project file). Then run the project (press F5).

Run using command-line prompt.

Copy Server (Form1.cs) files in to a folder (Server) in C drive. Then copy Client (From1.cs, LoginInfo.cs) in to another folder (Client) in C drive and compile it using

C:\FolderName> csc *.cs

This will create a Form1.exe file inside the folder. You have to compile files in both folders separately. Then run the Server and Client by double clicking on each Form.exe file.

Important: Make sure that you enter the correct IP address of your computer. To find out the IP address of your computer type c:\>ipconfig and press enter. Port number is 8002. This will display the IP address of your computer. Enter that value in the Form1.cs

private string ipAddress = "Your IP Address";

For example:

string ipAddress = "";

Fill all the details and press enter to connect to the server.Have Fun!!!!

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