I recently attended the 'Red Shirt Tour' day by Scott Guthrie in Dublin, and was blown away by the sheer breath of *stuff* that Scott shared with the audience. I was very taken in particular by CosmoDB and will be investigating that at a later stage. One of the things I was reminded of deeply however, is now *different* an architecture in the cloud can be, and what opportunities are available to us.

Its not simply a case of creating Virtual Machines and connecting them all together, there is a lot more to it, and there are now tried and trusted patterns that are particular to Cloud Architecture that we should really get to know. The other Scott, Scott Hanselman, gave a talk in NDC Sydney a few months ago and its worth taking the time to watch it and learn some of these tricks and tips for cloud architecture. Take your lunch at your desk today and give it a watch ... you'll be glad you did :)

Cloud architecture is different...
May 30 2017