Configure Managed Metadata Services


In SharePoint, managed metada Services actually play a very critical role across the organization. When we want to identify any specific information, we tag the information and we can easily find the information.

We always begin with a Term. Term is any phrase or a word given to identify specific content or an information on a site. It is a hierarchical collection of centrally managed terms, which you can define and subsequently use as attributes for the items in Microsoft SharePoint.

Managed metadata service allows us to use managed metadata and share the content types on Site collections and at the Web Application level. 

Configure managed metadata

We can configure managed metadata in Central Administration. Prior to it, the users should be a member of the Farm administrator group or a member of the Farm administrator group on the Server running SharePoint Central Administration.

Step 1

Open your Central Administration page.

Step 2

Go to Application Management link.

Step 3

Click Managed Service Application.

Step 4

In Manage Service Applications, add new managed meta data Service, as shown below.

Step 5

Add the name, database name, database Serrver name and authentication.
  • Name - Service name.
  • Database Name - Enter the name of the database. 
  • Database Server name - Name of the database Server.

Step 6

If you already have an existing Application pool for your Service Applications, use it. If you do not have it, create a new one and use it in your Service account.

Step 7

Check managed metadata is running in the Server.

Step 8

After creating managed metada Service, we should check the permission and it should be an administrator permission. 


SP Farm with Full control 

Step 9

By clicking Managed meta data Service, it will redirect to managed meta data screen, as shown below. Therefore we can create new groups, Term Sets and Terms.

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