Create A Virtual Machine In Windows Azure

This article will let you know how to create a Virtual Machine in Windows Azure and how to attach disks to it.

  1. Windows Azure account
  2. Internet Connectivity without any proxy block
Follow the below steps now,

Step 1 - Go here and login with your azure credentials,

Step 2

Now on the home screen of Azure management portal select Virtual Machines -> Create a Virtual Machine -> now enter the details of DNS name, OS that you need, size configuration, Username for VM, password and region where it has to be deployed.

Step 3 - Click on Connect below and download the rdp file,

Step 4 - Open the rdp file and click on Connect,

Step 5 - Enter the login credentials for your VM.


Step 6 - Click on Yes for RDP connectivity,

Now your VM gets loaded and you will be getting the following screen,

Click on yes to allow network connections,

Step 7 - Followed by this you will be getting Server Manager.

(In the above image there is no disk attached)

Now we will be attaching disk towards the VM created

Step 8 - Click on Tools -> Computer Management,

Here you will be getting the Computer Management Window,

Step 9 - Goto Storage -> Disk Management,

Here you can find the disks attached on your VM.

Step 10 - Move to your local machine OS now and go for the Azure porta where your VM is created.

Click on the VM that is created now -> Attach -> Empty Disk

Step 11 - Enter the size you need,

Now your disk is attached towards the VM,

Step 12 - Login to the VM now -> Under same Computer Management you can find the disk attached,

Step 13 - You will be getting this screen now where your Disk is attached and now it asks for initializing. Click on OK,

Step 14 - Now right click on Disk 2 and go for New Simple Volume,

Step 15 - Click on Next,

Step 16 - Allocate the disk space in the following wizard,

Step 17 - Allocate the Drive Letter in the next wizard,

Step 18 - Select the file system in the next wizard,

Step 19 - Click on Finish,

Now you can find the new disk that has been attached towards the VM,