Create Your First Virtual Machine (VM) Using Azure Portal


In this article, we will talk about how we can create VM using Azure Portal. Most of the times, especially when we are newer to Azure technology, we wonder how we can create a VM. Trust me, creating a VM is not a big deal when using Azure.

I just want to inform you that we can get a free Azure subscription for 1 month using the Azure portal. Use the below URL for an Azure subscription.

Microsoft also provides 12-months free subscription as a part of Visual Studio Dev Essentials program. You can register yourself for Visual Studio Dev Essentials program for free. Using Visual Studio Dev Essentials, we get $300 credit for 1 year. Every month, we get $25 credit.

For more information on registering yourself using Visual Studio Dev Essentials, visit one of the best articles of C# Corner, mentioned below. 


One more thing that I want to share with you is that sometimes when we check prices for Azure VM, we think we don’t have enough credit to purchase the VM. But the fact is that Azure provides a feature “Pay only for what you use”. Suppose, I have 2500 INR in my Azure subscription credit and my VM price is 12,500 INR, then when I create the VM it charges me on per hour basis.

Suppose my rate per hour is 12 INR., then I will have deducted 12 INR. per hour. It will cost other charges. For more information and conditions, visit the official Azure portal.

So now, let’s get started!

Step 1

Login using Azure Portal  -

Step 2

From Virtual Machines, create a new Virtual Machine.

Step 3

Select Windows Server.

Step 4

I want to create an Azure VM for Windows Server 2016. So, I will choose Windows Server 2016 Datacenter. As per your requirement, you can choose Windows Server.

Step 5

Now, there is a first step to fill all the information.


  • Name – Name for Azure Machine
  • Disk Type – Choose from SSD or HDD – For more information use this link
  • Username – Name for system administrator
  • Password – Add Password
  • Subscription – Choose your subscription
  • Resource Group – For more information use this link


After filling all the information, click OK.


Step 6

Now, it’s time to choose a size for VM. Enter your requirement in boxes and search all the available VMs accordingly.

Click on "View all" to search all the available plans.

I will choose the above selected VM.

Step 7

Now, here, we need to select Storage type. As a beginner, we just press OK.

For more details, please visit Microsoft’s official article for these terms.

Step 8

It will show my VM’s price per hour. Accept the terms and conditions and press "Create".

Step 9

We can see this kind of screen and notification.


Step 10

Once deployment has been successful, it will show the following notification.

Step 11

Now, copy the Public IP and perform RDP.

You can connect with Azure VM.


Now, I hope you have got an idea of creating VM in Azure. It’s very easy and simple.

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