Creating An Azure Storage In Microsoft Azure


This article shows how to create an Azure Storage on the Azure portal and also perform some basic operations like creating storage accounts and containers and managing the access keys in it.
  • An Azure Subscription.
About Azure Storage

Azure Storage is a managed cloud service that provides storage that is highly available, secure, durable, scalable, and redundant. Azure Storage consists of Blob storage, File Storage, and Queue storage. We can also do a lot of things with this storage on the Azure portal.
Follow the below steps to create an Azure Account.
Step 1
Open your browser and then sign into the Azure Portal.
Step 2 
The initial step in this is to create an Azure Storage account to specify the things that are stored in it. Press "+New" in the ribbon on the left, then choose Storage >> Storage account.

Step 3
In the "Create  Storage account" blade, enter the required name in the Name field, then leave the other ones as default. Create the desired resource group for the account followed by choosing the nearest data center area to execute your Storage Account. Finally, choose the "Create" button to create the storage account.

Step 4
Our Storage account is successfully created and shown in the notification area.


Step 5

In the dashboard or in the Resources, let us choose our storage account to add the blobs for viewing the list containers associated with our account.


Step 6

In the blobs, it shows that our account doesn't have any container in it. If you want to add some containers to it, press "+Container" to add a new container.

Step 7
Enter "Videos" in the name field and choose the blob as the access type. Then, press "OK" to create the container named Videos.

Repeat the same process to create various containers like this. Confirm that our containers are correctly added in the blobs in our storage account and the containers list in the Blobs blade. 
Step 8

Choose the Access Keys on the left side ribbon of our storage account. Then, click "Copy" button in the "connecting string" for "key 1" and paste that string on the clipboard for the later use.


I hope you understood how to create the storage account and add containers in the blobs. For any doubt, query, or suggestion, please write in the comments section below.

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