Creating Groups In Managed Metadata Services In SharePoint

In SharePoint, managed metada Services actually play a very critical role across the organization. When we want to identify any specific information, we tag the information and we can easily find it.
We always begin with a Term. Term is any phrase or a word given to identify the specific content or information on a site. It is a hierarchical collection of centrally managed terms, which you can define and subsequently use as attributes for the items in Microsoft SharePoint.
Managed metadata Service allows to use managed metadata and share the content types on Site Collections and the Web Application level. 

SharePoint Creating Groups

A group is a set of term sets, which all share common security requirements. Only users who have contributor permissions for a specific group can manage the term sets which belong to the group, or create new term sets within it. Organizations should create groups for the term sets, which will have unique access or the security needs.
Step 1

Open your Central Administration page.

Step 2

Go to the Application Management link. 

Step 3

Click Managed Service Application.
Step 4

In Managed Service Applications, add new managed meta data service, as shown in the image given below.
Step 5

You will enter into the term store management tool and on the left hand side, you can see Taxonomy Term Store.

Step 6

Click Managed Metadata Service and New Group menu appears- > Click New group.

Step 7

Enter the name of the group as Splessons -> Now, click Splessons and a menu will appear.

Creating a Term Set

A term is a word or a phrase, which can be associated with an item in Microsoft SharePoint Server. A Term Set is a collection of related terms. You can specify that a Microsoft SharePoint Server column must contain a term from a specific term set.

You can use the Term Store management tool to create terms in a Term Set or manage a term such as copy it or move it. If you have many terms, which you want to add. It might be more practical to import all the terms in the term set instead of adding the terms individually. 
Terms can be divided into two types

Managed terms, which are usually pre-defined, can only be created by the users with the appropriate permissions and are often organized into a hierarchy.

Enterprise keywords, which are simply words or phrases, which have been added to SharePoint Server 2010 items. All enterprise keywords are part of a single, non-hierarchical term set called the keyword set.

Create Term Set

Step 1

Go to Central Administration -> Application Management -> Manage metadata Service Applications. 

Step 2

Here, I created Term Set name called SharPoint; thereby adding your name to the group name will make sure that it is unique within your Farm.


Create Terms
Step 1

Go to Central Administration -> Application Management -> Manage metadata Service Applications.