Creating Web Apps With Windows Azure


  • Visual Studio 2013 with update 4
  • Azure account

Creating web apps with Windows Azure can be done by two ways,

  • Moving with Visual Studio
  • Moving with Filezilla

(Let us move with Visual Studio 2013)

Step 1: Download a website template or create a website of your own with some details.

Step 2: Modify the content with yours using Visual Studio 2013,

Click FILE, Open, then click Website 

Locate the website with the pop-up, 
Step 3: After completing the website content go to the solution explorer and right click on the project solution name and move to Publish Web App
Step 4: Goto

Click on New -> Web + Mobile menu and create a new web app by filling the details, 

Enter the URL name, select app service plan (something of your own), pricing tier (F1 Free), Subscription (Dreamspark), Location of your Datacentre as South East Asia. Click on Create and your web app gets created. 
Step 5: Now click on the web app that has been created (here it is samplewebapp1) and download the publish profile information.
Step 6: Move to Visual Studio, you will be having this pop-up, click on import and locate the publishprofile information,

Step 7: Click on publish,

Now the website gets published and you can goto the URL on your browser,

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