Domain Mapping Of Webapps In Windows Azure


  1. A domain from domain service providers
  2. An Azure management portal account

Follow the below steps to undergo domain mapping in azure

Step 1

Go to GoDaddy and buy a domain or login with your account if you have already bought a domain (here I have already bought a domain), click on Domains,

Step 2

Click on Manage DNS, you will be getting the below screen, 

Step 3 - Click on DNS (Domain Name System) Zone File,

Step 4

Open a new portal and login to your azure account, here create a web app (click here to make sense about how to create a webapp).

Step 5

Click on the web app that has been created and move to Scale, here change the App Service Plan for Shared,

Step 6 - Now move to DASHBOARD and click on MANAGE DOMAINS,

Step 7 - Here copy the IP address shown below,

Step 8 - Goto GoDaddy page and click on Add Record,

Step 9 - Here add a CNAME,

Fill the following fields:

Step 10 - Next, Add Zone record,

Fill the following fileds:

  • Record Type : A (host)
  • Host: @
  • Points to: (ip address that was copied from azure portal under webapps)
  • TTL: 1 hour

Step 11 - Now goto management portal of Azure and add the Domain names,

(Note: Here domain names of,, are added)

Step 12

Now to make to work add another Zone record on Godaddy portal

Click on Add Zone record, then fill the following fields,

  • Record type: CNAME (Alias)
  • Host: awverify
  • Points to: (in your case it will be awverify.azurewebsitename).
  • TTL: 1 Hour

Now the domain mapping is completed, whenever you login to the website, the content will be redirected towards

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