Enable Your Windows 10 Device For Developer Mode

Microsoft's  approach is different for development for Windows 10 devices. Previously windows phone development required a developer license to test the app in real device. Now no licence is required for each device that you want to use to develop, install or test your app. Just enable a device developer mode from the settings for the device.

If you develop Windows 10 appa and deploy into Windows 10 device you will get a prompt to enable your device with this dialog like the following screen.


When you see this dialog Click OK. Then follow the steps below to enable your device Developer Mode in Windows 10.

Enable your Windows 10 devices

For Windows 10 choose you want to enable on the device. This includes devices: Windows 10 desktops, Tablets and Phones. You can enable a device for development or side loading also. Side loading is installing and running or testing an app that has not been certified by the Windows store.

Steps To Enable Developer Mode In Windows 10 Desktop/Tablet

Go to Settings. Choose Update & security. Then choose “For Developers” and enable the developer mode like the following screen.


Windows 10 Phones

On your Windows 10 Phone Go to Settings. Choose Update & security. Then choose For developers like the following screen.



Developer mode also allows you to side load the app.

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