Entity Framework Core Migrations Using ASP.NET CORE


How to use Entity Framework Core migrations in ASP.NET Core project.


This is a continuation of the previous post on creating CRUD with ASP.NET Core and EF Core.

To utilize the EF migrations, add NuGet package to ASP.NET Core Web Application project: Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Design

Add CLI tools by editing .csproj file.

Here is a list of .NET CLI commands relating to EF migrations.


You’ll need to run CLI commands from within ASP.NET Core Web Application project, however, point to the project containing
DbContext and Entities using -p option (for add and remove commands).


Below are the examples of most commonly used commands.

To add migration -

To remove migration -

To update the database with all pending migrations -

Trying to remove the migration that has already been applied -

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