Find and View Changesets in TFS

When you check in your code changes, they will be stored on the server as a changeset. Changesets contain the complete history of the checked in code in version control.


You can view a changeset to get information about:

  • which files are changed
  • what are the changes you made
  • who changed the files
  • what the comment provided during check-in the code
  • which work items are associated with the changeset
  • which policy warnings appeared

Required Permissions

You must and should be one of the Contributors for your team project and you should have permission to the code server.

What do you want to do?

  • View a changeset
  • Find a changeset

View a changeset

Go to a changeset from Source Control Explorer,


In Source Control Explorer, hit keyboard key Ctrl + G.
The Go to Changeset dialog box appears.


Type the number of the changeset and choose OK.


Once you click on Ok button you will get the below screen:



Find a changeset

If you don’t know the number, to find a changeset,

  1. In Source Control Explorer, on the menu bar, File => Source Control => Find => Find Changesets.

    The Find Changesets dialog box will appear.


  2. (Optional) Next to the Containing File box, choose Browse.

  3. (Optional) In the By User box, type the alias or the name of the project team member who is associated with the changeset.

  4. (Optional) In the Range section, choose one of the following options:

    • All changes, that will retrieve all changesets that were applied to the checked in files or folders.

    • Changeset number retrieves changesets from a range of changeset numbers. In the from and to boxes, type the range and get the changesets which are following under the given range.

    • Created date retrieves changesets from a given range of dates. In the between and and boxes, use the calendars to specify start and end dates.

    Choose Find.

    Changesets that match your criteria appear in the Results list.

  5. Select the changeset for which you want information, and then choose Details.
    The Details for Changeset dialog box appears.


  6. In the Details for Changeset dialog box, view the change types that were added and any check-in notes, comments, work items and policy warnings that are associated with the changeset.

  7. Close the Details for Changeset dialog box.

  8. Choose OK.

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