Generate Bing Maps Authentication Key For Windows Based Applications


Windows allows us to integrate Bing Maps in our application, so we need to generate an application key using Bing developer account. This article shows you how to generate Bing maps application key from Bing developer account.

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Generate Key from Bing Map Portal

I have shown below the steps for registering Application key for Windows based applications, using Bing Maps Dev Center.

Step 1

Navigate to Bing Maps Dev Center and login using your Microsoft account.

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Step 2 Create a new Bing Maps account

Provide the following basic profile information, accept Bing Maps terms and conditions, and click "Create". If you already are a registered user, just skip this step.

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Step 3 Generate Application Key

In Bing Maps portal, click on "My Account" and select "My keys".

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Now, click on "Create new application key" and provide application name, key type(Basic/Enterprise), application type, and click on "Create". Or, you can chose already created Bing Maps application key.

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Step 4 Completed

After successfully creating the application key, this new key appears below the "My keys" form. Copy it to a safe place or immediately add it to your app.

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I will share the process of Bing Maps implementation in my next article. If you have any question or feedback, please share in the comment box.