Get Started With Cortana Development

Cortana is Microsoft's AI assistant built-in to Windows 10 devices. Cortana now will also be available via speaker. C# and .NET developers can start building Cortana skills using Visual Studio 2017. Cortana can use your bots, connect with services, work with websites, and even be used to build standalone apps, similar to Alexa. Cortana standalone apps are called Cortana Skills.

Now, you can use your existing C# and .NET skills to build Cortana Skills.

In this video, you'll learn about Cortana and the Skills Kit, build a skill step-by-step, and discuss how you can work with Cortana to build personalized, intelligent experiences for your users. Skills built in this session will work across Windows 10, Android, iOS, and headless devices such as the Harman Kardon speaker. Following this talk, you'll understand how Cortana skills work, be able to build your own skill, and know where to go for help and support along the way