Getting Started With Microsoft Project 2016

I was planning to make a series of articles on Microsoft project from long time. Finally, I started today.

Microsoft Project is a project management software product, developed and sold by Microsoft. It is designed to assist a Project Manager in developing a plan, assigning resources to the tasks, tracking the progress, managing the budget and analyzing workloads. Read more in detail.

Getting Started

Click Microsoft Project 2016 from all programs.

In a given screenshot, you can see your recent project plan list. From right side, you can create new projects plan from the given options.

Let’s create a new plan by clicking the Blank Project option on the Start screen. It creates the new plan in the Main Project Interface.

Let’s walk through the major parts of the Project interface.

  • Quick Access Toolbar
    This is a customizable area of the interface, where you can add your favorite or frequently used commands.

  • Tell Me box
    It is used to quickly find a Project command or help about the command or feature.

  • The Ribbon
    Ribbon contains the commands, which you use to perform actions in Project. Tabs on the ribbon, organize the major features and commands in Project into the logical groups. The tabs on the Project ribbon are discussed in detail later in this topic.

  • Groups
    Groups are the collections of the related commands. Each tab is divided into the multiple groups.

  • Commands
    Commands are the specific features, which you use to perform actions in Project. Each tab contains several commands. Some commands like Cut on the Task tab, perform an immediate action. Other commands like Change Working Time on the Project tab, open a dialog box or prompt, where you take further action in some other way. Some commands are available only when you’re in a particular type of view or report.

  • ScreenTips
    ScreenTips are short explanatory descriptions of commands, column headings and many other items in the Project. You can see an item’s ScreenTip by pointing to the item.

  • Status Bar
    The status bar displays some important details like scheduling mode of new tasks (manual or automatic) and whether a filter has been applied to the active view or not.

  • View Shortcuts
    You use view shortcuts to quickly switch between the recently used views and the reports.

  • Zoom Slider
    Zoom Slider zooms the active view or report in or out.

Point to an item such as a command to see its description in a ScreenTip, as shown below.

Right click on a task name or other value to see the available shortcut menu commands and the Mini Toolbar.


In this article, we have learned how to getting started with Microsoft Project 2016. If you have question or comments, drop me a line in C# Corner comments section.

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