Getting Started With Electron JS With Visual Studio Code

ElectronJS is an open-source framework, which was developed by GitHub and it is written in c++ and JavaScript. The basic use of this jQuery Framework is to allow the development of desktop GUI. ElectronJS uses the Node.js runtime and Chromium Web Browser to make Application GUI. Chromium is an open-source Web Browser, which was developed by Google. It is originally used for the development of backend Web Applications. Electron is the main framework behind two notable open-source source code editors: GitHub's Atom and Microsoft's Visual Studio Code. You may go to his official Web site to download his current framework either by the github clone link or go to GitHub and download it as the repository, mentioned in the Web site link.

Before proceding further, we need to understand the electron framework. I am using Visual Studio code IDE for the development.

Visual Studio Code is a new IDE (integrated development environment/ source code editor). It is developed by Microsoft for all other operating systems. It can be used by Windows, Linux and MacOS. Visual Studio Code supports debugging, embedded Git control, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets and many more.
Visual Studio Code has great support for other languages apart from C#, F# etc. Here, we can debug our JavaScript code as well as the full control on insentience.
The image, shown above depicts the full list of plug-in which, Visual Studio Code supports.

From now, we will move to Electron from framework. I suppose, you have node.js installed in your computer. Please check the Environment variable of the node.js.

Step 1

Create a Project folder and give a meaningful name, get the all electron files from the GitHub. If you are to consider the following image, I am using git bash to get the clone of the electron framework. For it, copy the URL from the Website or the image, shown above and paste the code in git command Window.

Step 2

Rename the "electron-quick-start" to a meaningful name. As of now, in this article, it was changed to "app" and change the directory to app. It is not compulsory. We will install the electron packages in our project, using the npm install command.

Step 3

Start npm. Using "npm start" command, after hitting command, you will able to see a new Window; either we will use the git command prompt or use the integrated terminal from Visual Studio Code.  It will be available in View->Integrated Terminal. Here, we will handle all the commands.

After hitting npm start, we will be able to see a new Window, as shown in the image, given below. 

In the next article, we will go deep dive into the ElectronJS. 
This is an article, which describes the new JavaScript framework known as Electron. This framework is used to create a native Application, using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. It will be simple, if you are able create a Website. This framework will take care of all the hard parts.

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