Getting Started With IBM Bluemix

What is IBM Bluemix?

Bluemix is a cloud platform which helps us to drive into a real problem, develop an enterprise application and provide infrastructure and services. IBM Bluemix is as same as Microsoft Azure. IBM Bluemix has more than 25 Data centers across the world to deliver cloud computing to developers, students and so on.

Bluemix is delivered to users as a service across public or dedicated and local environments. The environment should be a local or dedicated on-premises environment.

Benefits of cloud

Bringing cloud together

Cloud resources make it conceivable to bring multiple data, system scales, and cognitive services to drive business value quickly and inexpensively and integrate a high-performance cloud environment.

Speed innovation

With developer data or compute models, you get direct access to over 150 services – including mobile, DevOps, continuous delivery, which is the powerful and high performance that makes software quality better.

Drive transformation

With the help of IBM Bluemix, we will be able to connect to databases with is existing on-premises databases and connecting it with existing application makes data efficient.

Build data-rich software

With the help of Bluemix, we will be able to develop an application because now the trends have to change day by day with the huge improvement in technology.

The following are the products that are available IBM Bluemix Belt

  • Compute Infrastructure
  • Compute Service
  • Hybrid Deployment
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Mobile
  • Data and Analytics
  • Watson
  • Internet of Things
  • Application Integration
  • Application Services
  • DevOps
  • Infrastructure resources
  • Services in Bluemix

 Bluemix Services

  • Bluemix Garage
  • Bluemix Services

Helps us to design, build and deploy a modern application in a cloud platform.

Bluemix Garage

It provides some best practices of Design, Agile Development and Thinking an idea to accelerate a modern application.

IBM Bluemix Pricing

  • Trial
  • Pay As You Go
  • Subscriptions


Let’s get started

Here I am assuming that you don’t have a Blue mix account. If you need a blue mix try 30 Days Trial by clicking the link.

To create a free Blue mix account please provide the following details carefully and click create button.


Once account creation is successful then login into your IBM Blue mix account with your valid credentials to create an IBM blue mix based cloud application.

Once the login is successful then accept the terms and conditions by clicking the continue button. It may take a bit so stay tuned in IBM Bluemix account page.


Now create an organization by select region and provide the name of your organization under which you are running your blue mix account and click create button.


Then you will be navigated to a create space page for your organization and click create.


After successful reviewing your summary, click the I’m Ready button to navigate to your dashboard.


Now we are ready to use IBM Dashboard account.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Thanks for Reading.

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