Getting Started With Windows Azure

What is Windows Azure?

Windows Azure can be anything you want it to be. As a cloud platform from Microsoft that gives a wide variety of different services, Windows Azure helps you to construct, install, and manipulate solutions for nearly any motive you may consider. In different words, Windows Azure is a global service  of unlimited possibilities. Whether or not you’re a large organization spanning numerous continents, that wishes to run server workloads, or a small enterprise that wants an internet site to have a worldwide presence, Windows Azure can offer a platform for building programs that could leverage the cloud to meet the needs of your enterprise.That’s a pretty big statement to make. How are we able to comprehend it’s genuine? Let’s have a look at the information!

Why we use the cloud

Businesses typically consider shifting their programs to the cloud for one of the three reasons: pace, scale, and economics which allow a brief study of every of these blessings that cloud computing can provide.


Growing applications that run within the cloud may be substantially quicker than conventional software improvement for 2 reasons. First, you don’t need to install, configure, and keep the underlying computing, storage, and networking infrastructures on which your programs will run. As a substitute, you may make use of infrastructure resources provided to you by using your cloud website hosting provider. A good analogy is lighting up your own home. In case you need to to not only purchase and install light bulbs but additionally pull wires, deploy switches, buy and install a generator, and purchase gasoline in your generator, it’s going to take some time until you get your private home lit up. But if your light bulbs can leverage the wiring installed via the contractor who constructed your home and power provided via your town’s power station, you’ll be able to get your house lit up in next to no time.


Cloud applications can also scale out fast due to the fact commodity compute, garage, and networking resources are pooled by means of the hoster and may be provisioned to the tenant (your business) as the need arises. Does your software want extra computing sources to meet increasing call from customers? Putting it in the cloud can help keep your customers satisfied. Does a downturn within the marketplace imply that you don’t want all that computing capacity your host is placing on your programs? Just scale down how much of your host's computing potential you are using.

In addition to scaling up or down fast, cloud computing also can provide your programs with international scale and reach for extending your enterprise presence around the world. Such scalability can be important for corporations to remain aggressive in today’s international economy.


Concerning financial efficiencies, many corporations decide to make the switch to the cloud due to the fact the cost of placing  enterprise applications in the cloud may be signicantly lower than running them on-premises. By making use of a pay-for-what-you-use model for cloud computing, your commercial enterprise only will pay for the resources it simply consumes. The capability to hastily and effortlessly scale ability up or down that the cloud offers makes this approach feasible and might assist groups store money.

Resisting the cloud

If moving  commercial enterprise programs within the cloud has so many benefits, why doesn’t each enterprise do it? There are numerous viable motives for this,

  • Agencies that have made large investments in traditional IT infrastructure might prefer to have those investments pay off than undertake the cloud computing technique.
  • Establishments which have a complicated, heterogeneous IT panorama would possibly find it tough to combine cloud computing into their present infrastructure.

  • The reliability of the hosting provider is another problem for many agencies. Lack of knowledge about the infrastructure used by the hoster for imparting cloud services to clients could make a few agencies reluctant to risk a circulate to the cloud.

  • Commercial enterprise politics can also purpose a employer to withstand migrating their applications to the cloud. The conventional in-house it lifestyle of manipulate can make it difficult to include the cloud.

  • Groups which have special requirements in the regions of security and compliance would possibly have felony or regulatory necessities that block them from enforcing special sorts of cloud computing.

Home Windows Azure can deal with these exceptional worries approximately existing it investments, integration challenges, reliability, control, safety, and compliance so that your commercial enterprise can achieve the benefits of pace, scale, and cost financial savings that cloud computing can provide. 

Windows Azure under the hood

I stated earlier that if we ask the query, “What is home Windows Azure?” the pleasant solution is probably this,

Windows Azure can be anything you want it to be.

This form of definition doesn’t absolutely provide an explanation for what Windows Azure is, so permit us to  take a look at the definition that Microsoft uses for describing Windows Azure,

Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can build applications using any language, tool, or framework. And you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment.

This definition tells us that Windows Azure is a cloud platform; you could use it for moving your enterprise applications, services, and workloads within the cloud. But this is usually a few key phrases that inform us even more.

  • Open home Windows Azure offers a set of cloud services that assist you in constructing and installing primarily cloud-based packages using nearly any programming language, framework, or tool.

  • Flexible home Windows Azure presents a huge range of cloud offerings which could permit you to do the entirety from web hosting your organization’s website to walking big SQL Databases inside the cloud. It is usually different functions that could help supply excessive overall performance and low latency for cloud-based totally applications.

  • Microsoft-controlled Windows Azure services are presently hosted in numerous datacenters spread across the United States, Europe, and Asia. These datacenters are managed by means of Microsoft and offer professional global help on a 24x7x365 foundation.

  • Like minded cloud packages running on home Windows Azure can easily be included with on-premises environments that makes use of the Microsoft Windows Server platform.

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