Hosting Website With Filezilla To Azure

We can use the FTP client Filezilla for website hosting to Azure. And it is an FTP method. And sometimes we may face some errors in it. And the solution is also mentioned in this article.

First deploy a web app using Azure. And after creating it we can see the overview of that web app. And it is shown in fig 2.

Then open the Filezilla software.


So here we can see the box for filling the host and user name and passwords. And we will get it from the Azure web app overview page.

And it contains all the details. Showing in fig2


Here in the Fig2 I have underlined a portion and just copy that and paste on file zilla host column. And like that we can see user name and enter password also. After clicking Quick connect we may get some errors.

Don't worry. There is a solution for this problem. And just take the file in Filezilla and go to site manager.

So we will go to site manager. And will create a new site there.

Add host name, and here you can see some other changes. We are changing the the encryption to only use plain ftp.

And below that make the log on type to normal like in the given picture.

And give the user name and passwords. Just click ok and connect it again in the site manager window.

Click ok if you get a window with cannot remember passwords. And now you will run it successfully without errors.

And we can see the online accessible folders. And it contains the default website page html file. We can replace it with our own. And then just load the url in any browser. You can see your own html file loaded there.

If any pictures are involved in it please paste it also in that folder, then it will work. And any time you can edit your site by accessing the online folder in this method.

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